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Tinkle Super Star Pack Paperback – Box set 1 Dec 2012

by sanapalas
1,900.00 INR


Product Description Book Description What happens when the most-loved Tinkle Toons of all time come together in one place? It is the reign of the superstars of India’s most read comic book series! Read about Shikari Shambu Tantri the Mantri Kalia the Crow and many more. Meet Suppandi Suppandi is the most popular toon of Tinkle. He’s a total goof and will make you laugh with his silly antics. Suppandi has had multiple jobs however none of them lasted very long. He takes instructions from his employers applies his own literal logic to it and causes total mayhem. The character of Suppandi is based on a Tamil folklore character Chappandi. Ram Waeerkar the legendary Tinkle artist gave form to Suppandi. Currently his daughter Archana Amberkar illustrates the strip. Meet Shikari Shambu Shikari Shambu is everything he doesn’t appear to be. Just like his name. Although known as Shikari he is no hunter. He is a conservationist and a wildlife expert. People turn to him in times of crises. Whether it is for rescuing a wild animal or catching a dangerous criminal this forest ranger is everybody’s go-to guy. But lo and behold Shambu is no brave heart. He is secretly petrified of animals and has no love for adventure. All he seeks is a good fluffy pillow to sleep on and a day that ends with a satisfied tummy. But trouble always finds its way to Shambu and luck finds him a way out. And the combination of the two creates a hilarious mad-venture! Created by former Tinkle editor Luis Fernandes artist V.B. Halbe brought this classic toon to life. Currently our Art Director Savio Mascarenhas keeps the hat on Shikari Shambu. Meet Tantri the Mantri Tantri is a minister at the court of King Hooja in a town called Hujli. He is the man who protects the King from danger and acts of treason—he is also the man behind them! That’s right. Tantri the Mantri wants to become the King of Hujli by hook or crook. Alas! All his plans to dethrone Hooja backfire on him in the most comical and bizarre ways. But this mantri is relentless and will try any trick no matter how ludicrous to get his hands on the crown. Tantri the Mantri was first illustrated by Ashok Dongre and is currently in the hands of Vineet Nair. Meet Kalia the Crow Kalia is the avian protector of Big Baan forest. And it’s not an easy task! He needs to be on his toes all the time for Chamataka the wily jackal and his bumbling friend Doob Doob the crocodile are always out to make trouble. Fortunately all their plots and schemes are no match for Kalia the clever Crow! For Kalia always has a trick up his sleeve! What’s more? We have several of our classic characters waiting to take you on some fun adventures. This edition is a great read for anyone—young or old Tinkle fan or Tinkle newbie. Find almost all the popular characters from the Tinkle Universe in one place. The pack includes several classic tales compiled in a paperback format. About Tinkle Continuously published since 1980 Tinkle is one of the oldest and most cherished children’s comics magazines in India. It boasts of a large fan following and beloved characters that include such household names as Suppandi Shikari Shambu and Tantri the Mantri. Please do visit our Brand Store and explore our product line on Amazon here : Amar Chitra Katha Brand Store About the Author Rajani Thindiath is the editor of Tinkle one of India’s leading English comic books. She has a degree in psychology and diplomas in animation and journalism and has been at the helm of the publication for over four years. Some of her other works include titles such as Tinkle Special Digest Vol 5 Butterfingers Vol 2 and Comics Genius: Ram Waeerkar.


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