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The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion Hardcover – 13 Mar 2012

by Sanapalas
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Product Description Review “Haidt is looking for more than victory. He’s looking for wisdom. That’s what makes The Righteous Mind well worth reading…a landmark contribution to humanity’s understanding of itself.” – New York Times Book Review “Jonathan Haidt is one of smartest and most creative psychologists alive and his newest book The Righteous Mind is a tour de force—a brave brilliant and eloquent exploration of the most important issues of our time. It will challenge the way you think about liberals and conservatives atheism and religion good and evil. This is the book that everyone will be talking about.”—Paul Bloom Yale University Author of How Pleasure Works “As a fellow who listens to heated political debate daily I was fascinated enlightened and even amused by Haidt's brilliant insights. This penetrating yet accessible book will help readers understand the righteous minds that inhabit politics.” —Larry Sabato University of Virginia author of A More Perfect Constitution “A remarkable and original synthesis of social psychology political analysis and moral reasoning that reflects the best of sciences in these fields and adds evidence that we are innately capable of the decency and righteousness needed for societies to survive.” —Edward O. Wilson University Research Professor Emeritus Harvard University “Here is the first attempt to give an in depth analysis of the underlying moral stance and dispositions of liberals and conservatives. I couldn't put it down and discovered things about myself!” —Michael Gazzaniga University of California Santa Barbara author of The Ethical Brain “Haidt’s a good thing.” – The Atlantic online “A well-informed tour of contemporary moral psychology…A cogent rendering of a moral universe of fertile complexity and latent flexibility.” – Kirkus “[Haidt’s] framework for the different moral universes of liberals and conservatives struck me as a brilliant breakthrough… The Righteous Mind provides an invaluable road map.” – “A much-needed voice of moral sanity.” – Booklist "An important and timely book…His ideas are controversial but they make you think…Haidt has made his reputation as a social psychologist at the University of Virginia where he and his colleagues explore reason and intuition why people disagree so passionately and how the moral mind works." —Bill Moyers Moyers & Company “ Highly readable highly insightful…The principal posture in which one envisions him is that of a scrappy voluble discerning patriot standing between the warring factions in American politics urging each to see the other’s viewpoint to stop demonizing bashing clobbering…Haidt’s real contribution in my judgment is inviting us all to sit at the table.” – Washington Times “Haidt's work feels particularly relevant now… The Righteous Mind isn't just election-year reading. Haidt's perspective can help us better understand our own political and religious leanings.” – San Francisco Chronicle “Ingenious prose…Beautifully written Haidt’s book shines a new and creative light on moral psychology and presents a provocative message.” –Science "A profound discussion of the diverse psychological roots of morality and their role in producing political conflicts. It's not too much to hope that the book will help to reduce those conflicts." —Richard E. Nisbett University of Michigan author of The Geography of Thought " The Righteous Mind refutes the 'New Atheists' and shows that religion is a central part of our moral heritage. Haidt's brilliant synthesis shows that Christians have nothing to fear and much to gain from the evolutionary paradigm."—Michael Dowd author of Thank God for Evolution "Haidt's research has revolutionized the field of moral psychology. This elegantly written book has far-reaching implications for anyone interested in politics religion or the many controversies that divide modern societies. If you want to know why you hold your moral beliefs and why many people disagree with you read this book". —Simon Baron-Cohen Cambridge University Author of The Science of Evil “ The Righteous Mind is an intellectual tour de force that brings Darwinian theorizing to the practical realm of everyday politics. The book is beautifully written and it is truly unusual to encounter a book that makes a major theoretical contribution yet encourages one to turn its pages enthusiastically.” —Christopher Boehm University of Southern California author of Moral Origins. “A rich intriguing contribution to positive psychology. Recommended.” –Choice Magazine “Can help bridge the ever-widening gaps that occur in politics…This is not one of those books where a researcher boils down a complex subject into a simple tag line. Haidt takes readers on a journey through that complexity so that we can understand the nuances and contradictions inherent in human morality.” –Psychology News About the Author Jonathan Haidt is the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. He is the author of The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom . He lives in New York City. See all Product Description


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