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The Innovator's Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization Hardcover – 10 Sep 2014

by sanapalas
720.00 INR


Product Description Review "Recommended reading for Creative Leaders." -- "The Innovator's Method does an exceptional job of incorporating concrete research with other innovation concepts to support a holistic model that outlines an end-to-end process for creating and refining ideas and then bringing them to market." -- Research-Technology Management "The Innovator's Method is filled with techniques that can help you define the jobs that customers will pay you to solve." -- Inc. "Furr and Dyer present their ideas with clarity and enthusiasm and include helpful diagrams and charts. Readers looking for a single volume on nimble innovation will find this guide indispensable." -- Publishers Weekly ADVANCE PRAISE for The Innovator's Method: Clayton M. Christensen Professor Harvard Business School; author The Innovator's Dilemma-- "This is the first book that chronicles the process of innovation from beginning to end. If one faces a high-uncertainty problem then the tools of lean start-up and design thinking they describe are valuable innovation tools." Steve Blank author The Four Steps to the Epiphany; father of the Lean Start-up Movement-- "An absolute must-read for any manager or entrepreneur." John Donovan Senior Executive Vice President AT&T Technology and Network Operations-- "The Innovator's Method lays out the importance of leadership and culture change within large companies in today's age of uncertainty. The method serves as the foundation for accelerating innovation and driving change by bringing great ideas to life." Robert I. Sutton professor Stanford University; Wall Street Journal bestselling coauthor Scaling Up Excellence-- "The Innovator's Method provides complete guidance that will help every leader navigate the difficult journey from generating viable ideas to setting the stage for their success. Furr and Dyer weave together stories and principles to make crystal clear why and how leaders ought to take action." Brad Smith President and CEO Intuit-- "The Innovator's Method will help leaders create a culture of experimentation that empowers teams to make decisions grounded in real experiments. The leader becomes chief experimenter not chief decision maker thereby enabling the company to behave like a network of start-ups." Marc Benioff Chairman and CEO "There are dozens of books you could read about innovation--or you could read just this one. Furr and Dyer have synthesized the best ideas from lean start-up and design thinking to provide real actionable insights that can help you test validate and launch new innovations." About the Author Nathan Furr is a professor of entrepreneurship at BYU’s Marriott School of Management and has worked previously as a management consultant venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Jeff Dyer is the Horace Beesley Professor of Strategy at BYU’s Marriott School of Management. He worked previously as a management consultant cofounded The Innovator’s DNA consultancy and is the lead author of The Innovator’s DNA and numerous other popular books and articles.


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