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The End of Alchemy: 42464 Hardcover – 19 Apr 2016

by Sanapalas
338.00 INR


Product Description Book Description The former Governor of the Bank of England argues for fundamental changes to the financial system in order to reduce the risk of a new crisis. Review I have read umpteen books about the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and its lessons. This is the cleverest one brimming over with new ideas. While other "lords of finance" publish memoirs King has produced a brilliant analysis not only of what went wrong in the global financial system but also of what went wrong in economics itself An outstandingly lucid account of postwar economic policymaking and the dilemmas we now face. [King] is a master of the well-turned phrase the apposite quote and the pungent boutade. It is rare to encounter a book on economics quite as intellectually exhilarating as The End of Alchemy - a dazzling performance indeed Mervyn King may well have written the most important book to come out of the financial crisis. From his extraordinary perspective as a brilliant economist who made policy at the highest level he issues a clarion call for new ideas and new policies and then delivers. Agree or disagree King's arguments deserve the attention of everyone from economics students to heads of state Drawing on years of scholarly study of banking history and his real world experience in fighting financial panic Mervyn King has set out a new framework for monetary and financial reform. Seemingly simple in concept it challenges prevailing banking and market practice. The End of Alchemy demands debate and a well-reasoned response Mervyn King asks "Why has almost every industrialised country found it difficult to overcome the stagnation that followed the financial crisis in 2007-2008 and why did money and banking the alchemists of a market economy turn into its Achilles heel?" He addresses these questions and much more. For those endeavouring to understand the greatest financial crisis of our time and the future of finance this highly provocative book is a must read A sophisticated and highly approachable study of how modern finance has lost its way. Few individuals are more qualified than Lord Mervyn King to imagine the banking of the future. His book should be required reading The likes of Larry Summers Paul Krugman Robert Gordon John Kay Richard Koo and Adair Turner all need to read this book because King has something bracing to say about each of their big arguments . . . The depth of King's thinking is impressive and he makes a powerful case for putting "radical uncertainty" at the heart of any formal attempt to model economies . . . an exceptionally thought-provoking book - and might even become a modern landmark once its many fresh ideas have percolated This book is by turns invigorating terrifying and occasionally even inspiring. Its analysis is stark its conclusions bold An exceptionally thought-provoking book and might even become a modern landmark once its many fresh ideas have percolated A fearless and important book . . . The End of Alchemy isn't just an elegant guide to the history of economic ideas. It also gives a genuine insider's account Wide ranging historically informed and elegantly written . . . Like Keynes he is well aware that economics is in the end about people . . . Life is an art not a science and this richly rewarding treatise confirms that truth This book might just save the world Fearlessly honest . . . will be read for decades to come See all Product Description


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