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Scent of Triumph: A Novel of Perfume and Passion Hardcover – Import 31 Mar 2015

by sanapalas
1,798.48 INR


Product Description Review “Jan Moran is the new queen of the epic romance.” ― USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Forster “Utterly inescapable...Jan Moran's masterful romance comes with a bonus: she interweaves this romantic tale with a behind-the-scenes look at how one makes and sells perfume an art Ms. Moran is known for internationally. The fascinating result is a tale that rivals Danielle Steele at her romantic best!” ― Allegra Jordan author of The End of Innocence “A sweeping debut novel about a fearless headstrong woman. Spanning multiple continents and set against the backdrop of WWII Jan Moran deftly weaves plotlines and tackles tough issues all to a satisfying conclusion. Add in glimpses of the high-end fragrance trade and SCENT OF TRIUMPH offers a thoroughly engaging tale rich in all five senses.” ― Michelle Gable Author of A Paris Apartment “A heartbreaking evocative read that will transport readers to another place and time and not let go. I could not turn the pages fast enough!” ― Anita Hughes Author of Lake Como “From war-torn Europe to the sunny climes of Southern California SCENT OF TRIUMPH is a captivating tale of love loss determination and reinvention. A page-turner.” ― Karen Marin Givenchy Paris “Hard to put down...captivating. A "must read" for anyone in the cosmetic industry or even starting a business.” ― Marvel Fields Chairman American Society of Perfumers “ SCENT OF TRIUMPH is a rich tapestry that weaves fragrance into an already compelling story of love and perseverance during World War II. Jan's skillful writing combined with her wealth of olfactory knowledge makes this a great read for all but especially the perfume enthusiast.” ―Karen Adams Sniffapalooza “ Scent of Triumph is one of my latest favorites. This book was heartbreaking and yet was an exquisite tale of tribulation adventure and heroism that all intertwined the strength of a woman.” ― Night Owl Reviews “A haunting multilayered historical romance Jan Moran's Scent of Triumph takes us on an epic journey with the most resilient of heroines as our guide. It is a book to savor like the most beautiful of perfumes. Inhale. Exhale. I was riveted from start to finish...and I'm only just now finding my breath.” ― Samantha Vérant author of Seven Letters from Paris: A Memoir “If the idea of a novel about a perfumer brings to mind images of sterile laboratories or serene fields of flowers think again. SCENT OF TRIUMPH offers action suspense and romance aplenty as it follows its intrepid heroine through the turbulent years of World War II from the depths of tragedy to the heights of success. Fragrance lovers will especially enjoy the skillful way in which scent is woven into the story not only through references to classic perfumes but also in the way the heroine's experiences are filtered through her highly refined sense of smell.” ―Nancy Arnott A&E Television Networks “When you lose everything one must embrace. SCENT OF TRIUMPH follows the struggles of Danielle Bretancourt von Hoffman who following the Second World War [attempts] to find her place in society and finds her talent of identifying any scent on her own; she uses those talents to build her way up through the fashion world and Hollywood. Drawing heavily on the author's own experience SCENT OF TRIUMPH has a dedicated look into the history of the world of fashion recommended.” ― Midwest Book Review “ SCENT OF TRIUMPH will appeal to anyone who enjoys historical romance. Filled with love loss struggle triumph. Moran writes in such a way that you will feel as if you were transported back to the era. Her characters are interesting and well developed. Very unique an enjoyable read.” ― Rebecca’s Reads Review “Warm and well written with characters who attract the reader's sympathy and affection. A lovely story well-told which will appeal to romantics fashion and perfume devotees and fans of historical fiction.” ― Amy Edelman founder of “A stylish compelling story of a family torn apart by war and a woman's courageous efforts to bring them back together SCENT OF TRIUMPH has everything: romance heartache spying intrigue and vivid settings. Danielle is just the kind of feisty female protagonist that I love but what really sets SCENT OF TRIUMPH apart is the backdrop of perfumery that suffuses the story with the delicious aromas of rose jasmine lavender bergamot cinnamon bark cloves and bitter orange. You can almost smell them as you read - a remarkable feat!” ― Liz Trenow author of The Poppy Factory “A gripping World War II story of poignant love and devastating heart-wrenching loss. The perfumes are so beautifully described you can smell them wafting up from the pages.” ― Gill Paul author of The Affair “In SCENT OF TRIUMPH Jan Moran has created a resilient talented yet relatable character in Danielle. Her story will resonate with any woman who has faced the challenges of parenting loving and working to build a future for herself-as well as those who are looking for a good read and a satisfying ending.” ― Kelly James-Enger author of White Bikini Panties and The Honesty Inde About the Author JAN MORAN is the author of the books including Fabulous Fragrances I and II which earned spots on the Rizzoli Bookstore bestseller list. As a fragrance and beauty expert she has been featured in numerous publication and on television and radio including CNN Instyle and O Magazine and has spoken before prestigious organizations including The American Society of Perfumers. She earned her MBA from Harvard Business school and attended the University of California at Los Angeles Extension Writers' Program studying fiction nonfiction and screenwriting.


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