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Path Between The Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914 Paperback – Import 15 Oct 1978

by Sanapalas
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Product Description Review On December 31 1999 after nearly a century of rule the United States officially ceded ownership of the Panama Canal to the nation of Panama. That nation did not exist when in the mid-19th century Europeans first began to explore the possibilities of creating a link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the narrow but mountainous isthmus; Panama was then a remote and overlooked part of Colombia. All that changed writes David McCullough in his magisterial history of the Canal in 1848 when prospectors struck gold in California. A wave of fortune seekers descended on Panama from Europe and the eastern United States seeking quick passage on California-bound ships in the Pacific and the Panama Railroad built to serve that traffic was soon the highest-priced stock listed on the New York Exchange. To build a 51-mile-long ship canal to replace that railroad seemed an easy matter to some investors. But as McCullough notes the construction project came to involve the efforts of thousands of workers from many nations over four decades; eventually those workers laboring in oppressive heat in a vast malarial swamp removed enough soil and rock to build a pyramid a mile high. In the early years they toiled under the direction of French entrepreneur Ferdinand de Lesseps who went bankrupt while pursuing his dream of extending France's empire in the Americas. The United States then entered the picture with President Theodore Roosevelt orchestrating the purchase of the canal--but not before helping foment a revolution that removed Panama from Colombian rule and placed it squarely in the American camp. The story of the Panama Canal is complex full of heroes villains and victims. McCullough's long richly detailed and eminently literate book pays homage to an immense undertaking. --Gregory McNamee Review The Washington Star David McCullough's history of this extraordinary construction job between the Atlantic and Pacific is everything history ought to be. It is dramatic accurate...and altogether gripping. The Washington Post Book World Solid entertainingly written and fair-minded...McCullough unravels the complicated and sometimes deliberately obscured story that lies behind the Panama Canal. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt The New York Times A chunk of history full of giant-sized characters and rich in political skullduggery. The New York Daily News In the hands of McCullough the digging of the great ditch becomes a kind of peacetime epic...The book will absorb you...You won't want to put it down once you've started reading it. Newsweek McCullough is a storyteller with the capacity to steer readers through political financial and engineering intricacies without fatigue or muddle. This is grand-scale expert work. See all Product Description; Paperback: 704 pages Publisher: Simon & Schuster (15 October 1978) Language: English ISBN-10: 0671244094 ISBN-13: 978-0671244095


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