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Life: The Leading Edge of Evolutionary Biology Genetics Anthropology and Environmental Science Paperback – 31 Oct 2016

by Sanapalas
279.00 INR


Product Description From the Back Cover Science’s understanding of life is progressing more rapidly than at any point in human history. Ranging from the origin of life to the evolution of beauty from the secrets of genes to the surprising science of superorganisms from the promise of biotechnology to the rising threat of lethal viruses Life edited by John Brockman and (“the world’s smartest website” — The Guardian ) presents original ideas from the horizons of biology genetics evolutionary theory and beyond. Pulitzer Prize winner EDWARD O. WILSON reveals what ants can teach us about building a superorganism—and in turn about how cells build an organism * Harvard University’s DANIEL LIEBERMAN reports on long-distance running and the evolution of the human body * The Selfish Gene author RICHARD DAWKINS and genetics pioneer J. CRAIG VENTER compare genes to digital information and sketch the frontiers of genomic research * Yale evolutionary ornithologist RICHARD PRUM explains what bird mating rituals can teach us about the evolution of aesthetic beauty * Nobel Prize–winning chemist KARY MULLIS covers cutting-edge immune treatments for dangerous viruses * DAVID HAIG professor of biology at Harvard reports new findings on genomic imprinting: how inherited genes can be expressed differently depending on whether they come from the mother or father * Princeton physicist FREEMAN DYSON explores whether the biological processes of life are analog or digital * Stanford professor of bioengineering DREW ENDY asks how we can make living organisms easier to engineer and whether we should * Futurist and author of The Singularity Is Near RAY KURZWEIL describes new biotechnologies that have the potential to greatly expand the human life span . . . and more. About the Author The founder and publisher of the influential online science salon Edge. org John Brockman is the editor of The Universe Thinking This Explains Everything This Will Make You Smarter Culture The Mind This Will Change Everything What Is Your Dangerous Idea? What We Believe but Cannot Prove and other volumes. He is the founder of the literary agency Brockman Inc. And lives in New York City New York.


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