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FREEDOM AT MIDNGHT Hardcover – Import 20 Oct 1975

by sanapalas
8,359.38 INR


Product Description Review 'Magnificently enlightening and exciting.' --National Observer Washington 'The song of India...illuminated like scenes in a pageant.' --Time Magazine New York 'Thrilling...staggers the imagination.' -- --Daily Mail 'The song of India...illuminated like scenes in a pageant.' --Time Magazine New York 'Thrilling...staggers the imagination.' ---- Daily Mail --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From the Back Cover Fifty years ago seconds after midnight on 14-15 August 1947 the Union Jack emblazoned with the Star of India began its final journey down the flagstaff of Viceroy's House New Delhi. One fifth of humanity claimed their independence from the greatest empire history has ever seen. But 400 million people were to find that the price of freedom was partition and war riot and murder. In this new edition of their superb reconstruction of events at the time Collins and Lapierre recount the eclipse of the fabled British Raj and examine the roles enacted by among others Mahatma Ghandi Lord Mountbatten Nehru and Jinnah in its violent transformation into the new India and Pakistan. 'Thrilling…staggers the imagination' DAILY MAIL 'There is no single passage in this profoundly researched book that one could actually fault. Having been there most of the time in question I can vouch for the accurate of its general mood. It is a work of scholarship of investigation research and of significance.' JAMES CAMERON 'New York Times' 'The song of India… illuminated in scenes like a pageant.' TIME 'A heroic tale that has not been told a tenth as well before… It will give more non-Indians more knowledge of the vast circumstances surrounding the birth of India than anything previously written. With an instinct for drama and a skill in narration the authors take the reader from Whitehall to Delhi to Calcutta to Lahore to Pula to the villages of the Punjab and Bengal; their hold on the reader never falters.' JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH --This text refers to the Paperback edition. See all Product Description


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