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A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire) Mass Market Paperback – 6 Nov 2006

by sanapalas
359.00 INR


Product Description Review 'In the grand epic fantasy tradition Martin is by far the best…tense surging insomnia-inflicting’ Time Magazine 'Truly epic…with its magnificent action-filled climax it provides a banquet for fantasy lovers with large appetites' Publishers Weekly ‘Colossal staggering … Martin captures all the intoxicating complexity of the Wars of the Roses or Imperial Rome' SFX About the Author George R.R. Martin sold his first story in 1971 and has been writing professionally since then. He spent ten years in Hollywood as a writer-producer working on The Twilight Zone Beauty and the Beast and various feature films and television pilots that were never made. In the mid 90's he returned to prose his first love and began work on his epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. He has been in the Seven Kingdoms ever since. Whenever he's allowed to leave he returns to Santa Fe New Mexico where he lives with the lovely Parris a big white dog called Mischa and two cats named Augustus and Caligula who think they run the place.


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